Landscape Construction

Southern Landmarx provides clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for landscape projects from design through to construction and maintenance.

Equipment is carefully selected so the team can construct landscapes to the highest standard and deliver quality outdoor landscape designs on time and budget. Backed by the latest hardware and technology, our planning capacity guides clients on materials based on suitability, durability and aesthetic appeal. At the point of construction, staff can effectively and efficiently deliver a landscape design, no matter how big the project. Further enhancing the existing skill and expertise of our team, and minimising subcontractor numbers on site.

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Landscape Maintenance

When the landscaping project comes to an end, Southern Landmarx can continue with its ongoing maintenance.

This service gives clients the benefit of working with the experts who designed, selected and planted their landscaping project. Staff can advise on preserving the living, evolving form of a garden, and provide support with planting and replacement. A handy option for clients, especially those located out of the region or country. Our local knowledge and expertise help to ensure the landscape looks as good today as it did on completion.

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Southern Landmarx combines local insight and horticultural expertise to determine which garden landscapes will flourish in Otago’s challenging climate.

Before being used in our landscaping projects plants are first optimised for Otago’s harsh conditions at our Cromwell based Burn Cottage Nursery. This process means we can ensure plants used in our projects have best possible quality and durability, so we can focus on what is going to grow well, and what will provide long-term satisfaction for our clients.

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"Thanks to Joe's design we were able to get as much as possible from the site through retaining wall designs and stepping - on a site that did not leave us with a massive amount of choice to optimise it."
Mr & Mrs Williams