BURN COTTAGE NURSERY - Providing resilient plants to landscape architects in Central Otago Plants that go into our projects are of the highest quality and durabilityPlants grown locally to suit Wakatipu Landscape


Southern Landmarx has invested in Burn Cottage Nursery at Cromwell to ensure the plants that go into our projects are of the highest quality and durability. All the plants at Burn Cottage Nursery have been through at least one winter, to ensure they have what it takes to be used in our projects.

Thanks to the nursery skills of our staff, all plants have a history with Southern Landmarx prior to being placed in a project. We know how they will grow and the level of care they require – before they even go into the ground.

The nursery also provides a valuable platform to receive and trial exciting new cultivars and varieties of plants, greatly minimising risk of failure before they go into a project and ensuring our clients have a wide choice of plants capable of surviving the tough Otago climate.

“The fact Joe is so knowledgeable about plants, and he is so passionate about them he will gladly explain why he is recommending what he is to you – so often professionals think you are on the same level as them and forget to educate you as they go; he walks you through things.”

Ed Lamont

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